broiler watering systems

Broiler Watering Systems

Water is the key ingredient to growing a healthy flock of birds. We pride ourselves in manufacturing the preferred broiler watering system; we revolutionized the poultry industry with our nipple drinker technology, and have remained the industry leader ever since. Our extensive line of Roasters, Quenchers, and PFAs, guarantee that you have the perfect drinker for every flock.

Val Nipple Drinkers are held to the tightest tolerances in the industry. Precision-machined parts are turned in our ISO-9001 Certified screw-machining facility. This means your floors stay drier, your birds stay healthier, and they still receive just the exact right amount of water every time they activate the trigger pin.

Has your integrator asked you to grow a bigger bird? No nipple change is necessary for varying bird sizes. All you need is a new standpipe! The tolerances on the Val Drinker System are held so tight that they can supply a wide variety of flow rates depending on the supplied pressure. To increase the pressure in the line, just use a taller standpipe!



broiler poultry watering system

Our Premium line of drinkers, the Roasters, are all machined on CNC or Swiss Screw Machines out of a harder stainless steel material than the Quencher models.


Has a bigger trigger pin that resists wear and holds 300% more water than the VBL 150 Broiler Drinker. Standard, High Flow, Extra-high flow.


Made through the same machining process with the same materials, but designed for broilers and smaller birds.




broiler watering system

Our Value drinkers, the Quenchers are designed to the same tolerances as the Roasters, but made with more cost effective materials, giving you the same great performance at a more economic price.


Slightly higher flow rate than the VR Series.



broiler watering

PFA, or Precision Feather Action, models have feather-light side action, where even the slightest touch produces water flow.


Designed to the same standard of the Roaster with lighter side-trigger action.


Controlled water flow through the drinker wastes less water and makes it ideal for antibiotic-free use.



The Aqua-V drinking nipple is the latest development in drinking nipples and has been developed for enriched and aviary systems, among other things. The Aqua-V is made from the same precision stainless steel process and is offered as an alternative to the VBL150 in standard and High-Flow variants.

The nipple has a slightly fluorescent color which is easily found by the animals, even in systems where lighting is not optimal. The Aqua-V offers the same top quality you would expect from VAL-CO nipples in a bright new color with the strong price advantage of the Quencher.


BigTom Turkey Cup

The BigTom turkey drinker is suitable during the entire production period, providing turkeys with enough water for every age from poults through heavy toms. A BigTom cup is suitable for 30-40 animals up to 7 weeks and 20-30 animals from 7 weeks. The one-sided suspension gives nearly 360 degree access to the water, allowing large birds to drink easily. This makes BigTom the ideal turkey drinking system which can also be used for (uncapped) laying hens and breeding animals.

Features & Benefits

  • Single drinking system for the lifetime of a flock
  • Accommodates birds of any age. Simply raise water lines and pressure as the birds grow
  • Each drinker accommodates 40 turkeys up to 7 weeks of age, and 20-30 hens or light toms (or 20 heavy toms) after 7 weeks
  • Stainless steel reinforcement increases cup lifespan
  • Single attachment point for almost 360° access to water

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TurkeyMAX Bell Drinker

The TurkeyMAX Bell Drinker is a safe and efficient turkey watering option. It swings on impact and has no flange to reduce the risk of bruising the birds’ breast. The deep trough creates a reservoir of safe drinking water that reduces spillage.

Features & Benefits

  • No flange reduces bruised breast
  • Shock absorbent material
  • Swings on impact

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